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Cardinal (season 1)

Cardinal (season 1)
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The series is an adaptation of the novel "The Forty Names of Sorrow" by Giles Blunt, Canadian writer. John Cardinal - Detective. A smart and stubborn, extraordinary, prone to reflection. Remorse for the unseemly act, once it perfect. And no matter that this incident occurred many years ago. In the first season, they will have a thirteen-year investigation into the murder of a teenage girl Katie Pine, happened under very mysterious circumstances. Her body was savagely mutilated. After a while, disappear without a trace four teenage ... TV show Person of Cardinal (season 1) download full episodes in HD 720p quality free.
Original Title: Cardinal
Country, Channel: Canada, CTV
Genres: Crime
Creator: Daniel Gro
Runtime: 43 min
Language: English
Release Date: 2017
Episode 1 — 01.25.2017
Episode 2 — 02.01.2017
Episode 3 — 02.08.2017
Episode 4 — 02.15.2017

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