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Playing House (season 3)

Playing House (season 3)
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The story of real women who took on a difficult burden of motherhood for two. The main characters have known each other since early childhood. Emma always and in everything helped Maggie, and Maggie never remained in debt to Emma. True destiny divorced women on different sides. They lived a completely different life. At school, the girls dreamed of finding their own happiness in the future. But Emma was fortunate to have seen a successful career and good earnings when Maggie most dreamed of family and children. True, now the women met again. And they have one common concern. What will be next? TV show Person of Playing House (season 3) download full episodes in HD 720p quality free.
Original Title: Playing House
Country, Channel: USA, Network
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Lennon Parham, Jessica St. Clair
Runtime: 22 min
Language: English
Release Date: 2017
Episode 1 — 06.23.2017
Episode 2 — 06.23.2017
Episode 3 — 06.30.2017
Episode 4 — 06.30.2017
Episode 5 — 07.07.2017
Episode 6 — 07.07.2017

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