The focus of the plot is a man named Bob. He has to act without thinking about the consequences, for one day in his life, when he was enticed into a mysterious plot against the government, forever changed his life. Once loyal to his country, a
Country, Channel: USA, Network
Genres: Action, Drama
Creator: John Hlavin
Working in the San Antonio hospital is a really difficult and responsible job. The city is very hectic. Every day, someone gets into trouble. Whoever that said, but the main characters of this series are heroes who even at night manage to rush to
Country, Channel: USA, NBC
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama
Creator: Gabe Sachs, Jeff Judah
"The Queen of the South" tells of a real woman who became in the smuggling business almost the most famous and sought after figurant. It all began with a small. Theresa was bargaining with her boyfriend. Togo during another shootout is killed, so
Wynonna Earp is a great biker. She drives a steep motorcycle and wears a cowboy hat. Her hobby is hunting demons and destroying monsters. In her spare time, the heroine sips with pleasure whiskey. She learned to shoot for a long time. Her post of
Country, Channel: Canada, USA
Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Western
Creator: Emily Andras
The main character of this series is Tick. Simple, modest, but at the same time an incredibly strong and courageous guy struggles with crime. He has already captured all his blue eyes, but the main character does not fight the enemies by their
For the first look Clary Fray is a plain girl, but suddenly she recognizes that she belongs to the mysterious nature of Shadowhunters - an organization, which stands on the protection of people from the demons, evil messengers darkspawn and other
Country, Channel: USA, Freeform
Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Creator: Ed Decter
Sara's fate was very difficult. She does not remember much about her childhood. Almost nothing. She knows only that she does not have parents, and every single day was a test of strength. Now Sarah is already an adult, but still believes that the
Country, Channel: Canada, BBC America
Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Creator: Graeme Manson, John Fawcett
The series takes place in the future, where humanity is divided into two parts: one lives in total poverty, while the other lives in luxury and prosperity. The plot unfolds around Michelle, who, along with her best friend, Bruno, is among the
Country, Channel: USA, Netflix
Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Creator: Pedro Aguilera
Every billionaire owns his money in his own way. So, Harold Finch decided to save people. And he thinks not about those who are suffering from cancer or hunger, but those who are about to become a real victim of crime. In addition to financial
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Creator: Jonathan Nolan
TV series about the Titans is a very dynamic story, there it is constantly, something happens, sometimes you do not even have time to follow all the events. No series will give viewers the opportunity to relax and get bored sitting in front of the
Country, Channel: USA, CN
Genres: Action, Animation, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi
Creator: Arnold Drake, George Pérez, Marv Wolfman
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