Sara's fate was very difficult. She does not remember much about her childhood. Almost nothing. She knows only that she does not have parents, and every single day was a test of strength. Now Sarah is already an adult, but still believes that the
Country, Channel: Canada, BBC America
Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Creator: Graeme Manson, John Fawcett
Ross Poldrak faced many trials during the war, but he managed to save his life. Returning home, he hopes to start a new quiet life with his family and people close to him, forever forgetting the horror that he had experienced. However, Ross did not
Country, Channel: UK, BBC One
Genres: Drama, History, Romance
Creator: Edward Bazalgette, William McGregor
The Frankenstein Chronicles tells the viewer about the monstrous and legendary history of Frankenstein, about his ominous creation. This series makes its changes in the classic story, which opens here with the discovery in the river of the girl's
Country, Channel: USA, BBC
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Creator: Benjamin Ross, Alex Gabassi
The Second World War is a time of not only open battles and incredible battles, but also a subtle tactical game on all fronts. The protagonist of this series - a Briton, loyal to his homeland. He is a scout in his regiment. The main task of the man
Country, Channel: USA, BBC
Genres: Drama
Creator: Stephen Polyakoff
In a small town, far from civilization, life always flows quietly and peacefully, not disturbed by special events. But one day in this wilderness there is a mysterious murder of a scientist who came from a large land. Local authorities, headed by
Country, Channel: USA, BBC
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Creator: Sam Miller, Hettie Macdonald
Fortitude is a British thriller, set for an audience over 18 years. The action takes place on the edge of the Arctic, where the permafrost and wild animals are the only companions of the local inhabitants. Quiet and calm life, as well as magnificent
Country, Channel: USA, BBC
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Creator: Sam Miller, Hettie Macdonald
A quiet Scottish town was disturbed only by tourists and journalists, who were attracted by the legend of the Loch Ness monster for years. Hysteria about an invisible monster in the lake depths has long gone to decline, but then the town again got
Country, Channel: UK
Genres: Crime
Creator: Brian Kelly, Cilla Ware
The series is a world full of adventures and fantastic characters. The main character is a mysterious doctor who, he is a time traveler without any apparent purpose and studies the Earth. Outside his time machine looks like a primitive police box
Country, Channel: UK, Canada, BBC
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Family, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Creator: Sydney Newman
The plot tells about the reign of King Wessex Alfred the Great, who was able to win the English lands from the Danish Vikings - overseas invaders. The protagonist of the narrative is still in infancy the kidnapped Danes Uthred - a descendant of the
Country, Channel: UK, BBC
Genres: Action, History, Romance
Creator: Bernard Cornwell, Stephen Butchard
The fifth season sends us to the distant one thousand eight hundred and ninety-ninth year, where the center of attention is an intricate and strange investigation led by the main characters. They are detectives capable of solving any crime. In the
Country, Channel: UK, Ireland, BBC America
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Creator: Richard Warlow
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