Re-united after 50+ years apart, Celia and Alan decide to marry. At age 16, Alan's late wife failed to pass on a letter from Celia, his longtime crush, with an apology for missing their first date and her forwarding address. Both now have daughters
Country, Channel: USA, BBC
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Creator: Sally Wainwright
Country, Channel: USA, BBC
Genres: Thriller
Creator: Panorama Films, Sid Gentle Films
Detective Julien Baptiste decided to retire. For many years he was engaged in complex matters, pursuing criminals and saving human lives. The operative forgot when he last rested. But during a trip to Amsterdam, when she was picked up by an old
Country, Channel: USA, BBC
Genres: Drama
A fantastic alien from boredom travels to different worlds and different times. He appears as a Doctor. His space ship looks exactly like a policeman in the middle of the twentieth century. The doctor is a great master, he knows a lot about modern
Country, Channel: UK, Canada
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Family, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Creator: Sydney Newman, BBC Wales, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
His name is Ross Poldrak, he is an Englishman who lives in the distant 1781. Ross returns to his native Cornwell, he served in the army and fought with a colony that wanted to become independent, with New England, which is in North America. Now the
Country, Channel: UK, BBC One
Genres: Drama, History, Romance
Creator: Edward Bazalgette, William McGregor
Our Girl is a British TV show. The story tells us about a heroine named Molly. She is a simple girl from a poor family. She has to go to Afghanistan in the war zone. Molly plays the role of medic and tries to benefit soldiers who have been injured.
Country, Channel: USA, BBC
Genres: Drama
Creator: Anthony Philipson, Jan Matthys
Ross Poldrak faced many trials during the war, but he managed to save his life. Returning home, he hopes to start a new quiet life with his family and people close to him, forever forgetting the horror that he had experienced. However, Ross did not
Country, Channel: UK, BBC One
Genres: Drama, History, Romance
Creator: Edward Bazalgette, William McGregor
TV show Killing Eve is based on the work of Luke Jennings. The story focuses on Villanelle - a girl who commits a crime and making money of it. Her motives are incomprehensible, but everyone is sure that she is an ordinary psycho. She is hunted by a
Country, Channel: USA, BBC
Genres: Thriller
Creator: John East, Damon Thomas, Harry Bradbier
Many of us dream to live in a tropical paradise on the ocean shore, where warm sunny weather reigns, and around the lush colors of tropical greens, but not the hero of the detective series. Death in Paradise is the inspector of the London police
Country, Channel: UK, France, BBC
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Creator: Robert Thorogood, Red Planet Pictures, Atlantique Productions, Kudos Film and Television
Alex Goodman is the son of emigrants who came once from Russia. It is not easy for him to start his legal business, because the criminal past of his family does not allow a guy to live normally. In addition, he dreams of personal happiness.
Country, Channel: USA, BBC
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Creator: James Watkins
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