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James Bell is one of the most influential and famous personalities of Silicon Valley. Tired of the idea of creating the most technologically advanced medical institution in the whole world, he tries to find like-minded people, but his attempts are
Country, Channel: USA, National Geographic
Genres: Biography, Drama, History
Creator: James Howes, Minky Spiro, Ron Howard
Joan Crawford and Bette Davis have always been famous actresses. These girls possessed incredible talent, because it was thanks to him that the actresses got big roles. Who would have thought that a completely original project would be built on
Feud is about the legendary classic Hollywood actresses - Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Half a century, they hated each other, but the apogee of competition came in 1960 when they played for the first time in a movie, a thriller What Happened to
Charlie Falco is a dealer, who faces some twenty years in prison for trafficking in drugs. But to avoid such a large penalty, the hero makes contact with ATF and became their agent. Mission is incredibly dangerous, but Falco must penetrate to reach
Country, Channel: Canada, USA, History
Genres: Biography, Crime, Drama, History
Creator: Stephen Kemp
The series "Narco" is the story of the great and terrible Pablo Escobar - the most famous drug lord in the world. When Steve Murphy in 1979 started to work in drug control, he had to deal with the advantage of a hippie and small businessmen selling
Country, Channel: USA, Netflix
Genres: Biography, Crime, Drama
Creator: Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, Doug Miro
The story of the famous vehicle covered in this series. Who would have thought that all begin with an absurd and rather controversial experiment. More than a hundred years ago, in nineteen third year the two school friend William Harley and Arthur
It's the story of the years of youth of Queen Victoria from the time of her ascension to the throne at the tender age of 18 years before her courtship of Prince Albert and their marriage. Today, no one is surprised that it has entered into the
The series "An American Crime" aims to tell us about the most memorable, and unusual high-profile cases of violation of the law in the United States, even after years, never ceases to excite the public. The first season is devoted to the case of O.
"Versailles" is the biographical series, which tells about the reign of the Sun King Louis XIV. The monarch ascended the French throne at the age of four years. His mother, according to the will of her husband, became regent for her son, and
Events of the historical “All the way” TV series are unfolding in the United States in the 20th century. After the assassination of John F. Kennedy Lyndon Johnson is president of the country. This person has to be very difficult, because the public

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