An action-packed series about the adventures of a team of professional special agents. Their mission is to investigate crimes that are somehow connected with the officers of the Marine Corps. The investigation department is headed by super-agent
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Creator: Donald P. Bellisario, Don McGill
It turns out that Superman has a relative who also escaped from the dying planet Krypton and now lives among ordinary people. For friends, she is Kara Danvers, and her real name is Kara Zor-El. The girl has been hiding her extraordinary abilities
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Creator: Andrew Kreisberg
Alam Burns spent his entire life on business trips, trying at least somehow to earn money for the family. However, his wife was far from having fun alone. It seems that Marie alone is engaged in raising children. But it happens that the main
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Jackie Filgo and Jeff Filgo
The new series Elementally filmed in America, really interesting, sometimes not only unusual, but frankly strange. At least because Dr. Watson is a young girl of Asian appearance. And Sherlock Holmes did not find it himself. This girl was put to
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Creator: Robert Doherty
Diana Lockhart is a girl who experiences a nightmarish period in her life. She was once rich and successful, but now the heroine has to think about every penny. She was robbed by some kind of financial schemer, who had long been embarrassed by the
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Drama
Creator: Michelle King, Robert King
NCIS: Los Angeles consists of four brave men. Jay Cullen is a super agent, which is not lost even in the most difficult and dangerous situations. His talent for establishing links with the most dangerous criminals is very helpful to the group. Sam
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Crime, Drama, Musical, Thriller
Creator: Shane Brennan
In the past, Elizabeth McCord was a brilliant agent of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America, she decided to leave the service on moral views several years ago. The US president dies under mysterious circumstances and his
Heaven on Earth is now in danger. A wave of crime captured safe island until this time. Therefore, the governor decides to create a special group - Hawaii Five-o, designed to put an end to the outrage and restore peace to the peaceful population and
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama
Creator: Leonard Freeman, Alex Kurtzman, Peter M. Lenkov, Roberto Orci
The plot of the new part of the militant tells about the division of the US spetsnaz, which receives the task to conduct a special operation jointly with the Department for Combating Illegal Drug Trafficking. Before the heroes of the film are very
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Creator: Aaron Rahsaan Thomas, Shawn Ryan
In the center of the plot is the most common American family, Shorts, which is represented by three generations. John and Joann are the oldest, and accordingly occupy the leading positions. They are used to keeping the fate of their three children
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