Pose is a TV series starring Jason A. Rodriguez, Angelica Ross, and Mj Rodriguez. Pose is set in the world of 1987 and “looks at the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in New York: the rise of the luxury universe,…
Country, Channel: USA, FX
Genres: Drama
Creator: Steven Canals, Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy
A funny and incredibly realistic story about a group of young people armed with cameras and other equipment, who are engaged in filming documentary films. This work can make a breakthrough in the genre, but the guys every day have to face a truly
Country, Channel: USA, FX
Genres: Comedy
Selina Mayer is a powerful woman who was able to make a successful political career and become a vice president. She has been waiting for this appointment for a long time and is confident that the new post will open up new opportunities for her to
Country, Channel: USA, HBO
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Armando Iannucci
Relationships can often not look what they seem at first glance. Many people try to understand what binds completely dissimilar or, on the contrary, very close in the creative direction of people. The latter should not be explained, because they are
Country, Channel: USA, FX
Genres: Drama, Musical
Creator: Thomas Kail, Steven Levenson
The new season of "American horror story" will return in September this year. The authors recently announced the main topic of the upcoming episodes. The plot of the project will take us to the events that will connect the story lines of past
Country, Channel: USA, FX
Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Creator: Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy
Mayans M.C. are an ideological continuation of the popular project "Sons of Anarchy". The focus of the plot is the events following the end of the popular show from FX channel. The story tells of Ezekiel Reyes, who leads the influential group
Country, Channel: USA, FX
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Creator: Elgin James, Kurt Sutter
New York of the eighties. A mysterious and strange city, combining seriousness, business and glamor. Hang out rich and fashionable representatives of the younger generation is not uncommon. The main actors in the person of Stan and Perry are dragged
Country, Channel: USA, FX
Genres: Drama, Musical
Creator: Steven Canals, Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy
In the early 80's, in America there was a real cocaine boom. Appeared and began to actively sell cheap crack, which was imported from the Dominican Republic. In particular, in Los Angeles, the cocaine epidemic, and for the sake of a luring white
In the ISIS international spy agency, any global crisis is only an excuse for high-profile secret agents to compete among themselves in deception and betrayal. The main character of the animated series is the special agent Sterling Archer, also
Country, Channel: USA, FX
Genres: Action, Animation, Comedy
Creator: Adam Reed
David Heller is the son of Professor Xavier. When he was young, the doctors diagnosed him with schizophrenia, and from that moment on he was always in the hospital. He looked like a perfectly normal person, who is indistinguishable from other
Country, Channel: USA, FX
Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Creator: Noah Hawley, 20th Century Fox Television, 26 Keys Productions, Bad Hat Harry Productions
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