In the center of the story is the Reverend Father Thomas Ortega, who, being a fresh face of the Catholic Church, manages a small but very popular believer in the outskirts of Chicago, completely unaware that his life will change forever in the near
Country, Channel: USA, FOX
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Creator: Jeremy Slater
The story tells about the young and successful surgeon, he learned a lot and achieved that now his work is valued by money and people's gratitude for providing qualified assistance in saving patients. He has everything that can be shared with
Country, Channel: USA
Genres: Films, Drama, Horror, Mystery
Creator: Yorgos Lanthimos, Efthymis Filippou
Once, when Trish returned with his younger brother Darri from a walk, they met a monster, one kind of which inspired an inexpressible horror. The beast attacked the children. Sister managed to escape from his paws and escape, but she did not manage
Country, Channel: USA
Genres: Films, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Creator: Victor Salva
Nika Pearce is a young disabled girl who lost her whole family. In their death, the doll-killer named Chucky is to blame, but no one believes the girl's words. As a result, Nick is sent to a psychiatric clinic where she undergoes compulsory
Country, Channel: USA
Genres: Films, Horror, Thriller
Creator: Don Mancini, Universal 1440 Entertainment
The main hero of "Walking Dead" is the sheriff Rick Grimes, who together with his family and several other people go on a long journey with the hope of finding a safe place to live. The reason for this was the "zombie" epidemic that swept the entire
Country, Channel: USA, AMC
Genres: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Creator: Frank Darabont
Three years after the zombie virus spread and disemboweled the whole country, the hero team must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning virus lab is waiting for his blood. Although the
Country, Channel: USA, Syfy
Genres: Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Creator: Craig Engler, Karl Schaefer
In a remote town in Alaska terrible things begin to happen. Ghosts, poltergeist, resurrection of the dead. People die under monstrous circumstances. Neither law enforcement agencies nor the church can do anything about it, because no one understands
Country, Channel: USA, Syfy
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Creator: Simon Barry
The story tells about a married couple. Once they decided to unite themselves by marriage in the hope of a long and peaceful life. And now the newlyweds bought a huge house, which was located outside the city and was a cozy nest for the family. The
Country, Channel: USA
Genres: Films, Drama, Horror, Mystery
Creator: Darren Aronofsky, Protozoa Pictures
In the heavens, terrible sirens howled, the world of demons panic, and all this means only one thing - the world is under a new very strong threat, from which only God can cope. Only here is what to do if he has not been seen for years. Sem and Dean
Country, Channel: USA, The CW
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Creator: Eric Kripke
A terrible story happened in one of the monasteries. The fact is that during the rite of exorcism, a young nun was killed by the priests. After a lengthy trial, the court ruled that the shepherds are guilty of the offense and must be punished. In
Country, Channel: USA
Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Creator: Chad Hayes, Carey W. Hayes, Lotus Entertainment (II), Motion Picture Capital
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