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Danny Latimer - 11-year-old schoolboy is missed in Broadchurch. His mother, Beth begins to look for him. When the body of Danny found under rocks, and Miller and Hardy (police officers) are determined to solve the riddle of the murder of Danny. When
In the men's team really, in the framework of this man's profession Jane Tennison achieves much success. She became a senior police officer, after going through all the difficulties in the position of Chief Inspector. However, Jen's not a fanatic of
The Alcyone Hotel comes once an American journalist Joe O'Hara. He oversees the measured and calm life, the most delicious dishes, wonderful comfort, perfectly trained servants. This is a completely different world, open only to the elite, who can
For every father who nourishes great love for their children, and it is the only daughter-beauty, which has already become quite an adult, has got the bride and even gathered to marry, a nightmare is a meeting with the most preferred choice. Entrust
Country, Channel: UK, Itv
Genres: Drama
The next complicated crime requiring the intervention of friends becomes a mysterious murder. In the quiet monastery old nun is found dead, and found the body of a novice says that the killer - a ghost avenging pious sisters. Catching a ghost to
Country, Channel: Canada, UK, FOX, ITV, Global
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Creator: David Hoselton, David Titcher
Events of "Downton Abbey" series take place in the distant 1912 in England. After an unexpected and tragic wreck of the "Titanic" perish the main heir to Downton estate. The whole family starts to whisper that now the inheritance goes to eldest
It's the story of the years of youth of Queen Victoria from the time of her ascension to the throne at the tender age of 18 years before her courtship of Prince Albert and their marriage. Today, no one is surprised that it has entered into the
The "Beowulf" series is a fantasy thriller, reinterprets the Anglo-Saxon story of the same name of the Valiant invincible warrior, courage, loyalty, and ruthless revenge. Ancient fictional world was inhabited by humans, trolls, mythical beasts and
Country, Channel: UK, ITV
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Creator: James Dormer

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