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Tanner-Fuller is a mother of two sons, who will soon be born the third child, recently widowed. Combining work with household chores in the veterinary clinic proved not an easy task. Realizing that the one she did not cope, she turns for help to his
And that is really truth as they say that there is one step from love to hate. The two families were friends with each other, but it mainly refers to the male half. Women, whose name is Grace and Frankie just had to be in the company of each other.
Country, Channel: USA, Netflix
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Marta Kauffman, Howard J. Morris
Daniel Rand has the ability to control the energy of Qi. In addition, he unmatched acrobat and athlete. As he mastered qi energy, he has the ability to be rehabilitated quickly, even after the most total destruction. However, the main feature is its
Country, Channel: USA, Netflix
Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Sci-Fi
Creator: Scott Buck
The plot revolves around a single mother Ann Romano, it has FEB beautiful children: teenage Giulia and Barbara. However, they called it moved to a new home in Indianapolis, where going to make a new life. Ann divorced her husband and now all
Country, Channel: USA, Netflex
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Pamela Fryman
In the center of the show - a big family, which is trying to recover from the terrible fire that destroyed their home. Baudelaire family remains on the street. Children of Violet, Klaus and Sunny have lost their parents in the raging elements. The
One morning on the way to school, a normal teenager Jim Lake accidentally finds a mysterious amulet, which opens the entrance to the world of the ancient civilization of mythical creatures - trolls, located in the ground under the town of Arcadia.
Country, Channel: USA, Mexico, Netflix
Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Creator: Guillermo del Toro
The series "The Eighth feeling" tells some stories linked together by thin threads of allusions. Eight main characters suddenly realize that they share a strange mental bond. They live in different parts of the world, different views on life and
Country, Channel: USA, Netflix
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Creator: J. Michael Straczynski, Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski
Actions series takes us into the distant future where humanity is on the verge of extinction. The last representatives of civilization found a way to transfer his consciousness into the mind of the inhabitants of the XXI century, and now they need
Country, Channel: Canada, Netflix
Genres: Sci-Fi
Creator: Brad Wright
The main heroine of the OA 2016 online Blind is a young woman who suddenly disappears. All the efforts of her family did not lead to any positive results And relatives are gradually beginning to get used to the idea that Prairie lost

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