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20 years old girl looking for her mother. Finding she had to run away from the police and she accidentally steals their dog. In unexpected circumstances, running away from his pursuers, Dorothy is tightened in a tornado and with a dog is transferred
Jeremy, Richard and James returning, but this time in a slightly different format. Now they show can be viewed on the video streaming service, and leave comments about what they saw. New country, new machines and new adventures leading trio. Each
Country, Channel: USA, Amazon Studios
Genres: Comedy
Jack Gordon is a journalist who writes for the magazine «Outdoor Limits». He made a name for itself thanks to the exciting commentaries on travel in the most unexplored corners of the earth. But now «Outdoor Limits is published exclusively in a web
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Mike Gibbons
We are focus in the series on Eleanor - a young female from New Jersey, which clearly explained that all her life she was a very nasty man. The main character will have to learn to distinguish the good from the bad and help her grow up a good man
Country, Channel: USA, NBC
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Michael Schur
TV series tells the story about a simple young guy. He lives in Silicon Valley and believes that he is obligated to contribute to the medical business. The main character, along with his new friend, a surgeon who works and knows almost everything
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Drama
Creator: Jason Katims
Military TV series Six season 1 is a story about the activities performed by the so-called "SEAL Team Six" or in other words "fur seals" of the US Navy and is inspired by the story of this special unit. This group of rapid deployment is involved in
"Star" is a brand new drama series about the difficult entry into an attractive world of show business. TV series "the Star" from time to time referred to as a branch of "Empire". Some truth in this is - the creator of both series is listed Lee
The basic idea of the show is to show the audience that even in the difficult and tragic situations, it is possible to remain optimistic, to be happy and cheerful people, not reveling in their grief. Maya wife and mother of three children, one of
Country, Channel: USA, ABC
Genres: Comedy
Creator: John Ross Bowie
Incorporated tells the story of about Ben Larson. In the near future - in 2062 the corporation became the most influential forces in the world and the most striking example is the Chrysalis. Ben went to desperate measures, he took a different
Country, Channel: USA, Syfy
Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Creator: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor
Frequency is a TV version of the famous sci-fi movie of the same name. The action takes place in 2016. Police detective discovers that with the help of the radio can communicate with her dead father in 1996. She begins to communicate with him, to
Country, Channel: USA, The CW
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Creator: Brad Anderson, John T. Kretschmer, Nina Lopez Corrado

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