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The Breaks takes us to 1990 and tells of friendship and joint work of the three musicians. Nikki and David Deevee share a love for hip-hop. Each of the kids have already self-sufficient. Successful learning Nikki Jones becomes a scholar of law
The Quad follows the ambitious yet secretive life of EVA, the newly elected President of Georgia A & M (an HBCU), her administration, and the entering freshman class. Our freshman are led by Zoe, Eva's rebellious daughter, Cedric, a talented rapper
In the television series "Legion" describes a situation David Haller, son of Dr. Charles Xavier. For a long time the youth spent in a mental hospital, where he was trying to cure schizophrenia. David and then heard a variety of voices, and the
3 writers try desperately to land one of their famous friends for a feature script that they have developed, so that they, too, can rise to fame in Hollywood. The trio’s real-life friends McCarthy and Falcone executive produce through their
Country, Channel: USA, TV LAND
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras
The plot revolves around four best friends Kate Foster, Anne Carlson, Frankie Coyne, Jenny Matthews, who at varying intervals, but with a small gap became young mothers. You first think that this series about diapers and about the daily routine? You
The plot revolves around a young lawyer from New York. who throws everything in a completely different city. He's going out there to start a career. There it is necessary to protect the professor who accidentally killed his wife. That ill-fated day
Country, Channel: USA, NBC
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Jeffrey Blitz, Ryan Case, Jennifer Chelott
Mick moved to Greenwich, to her sister and her husband. It turns out that her sister had a lot illegal financial activities twists, so they obviously have to run. A rear left three children - a teenage girl and two small kids. Most interesting is
Country, Channel: USA, FOX
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Randall Einhorn
Young and beautiful woman easily fall in love with guys and girls. When she gets bored, she simply throws another boring "love", taking with him all her savings. So she lives surrounded by attention, lust and infinite admiration, translating into
Country, Channel: USA, Bravo
Genres: Comedy
Annie Ryder is a detective who works in her hometown. As nothing happens Bellevue, he was always calm, not yet disappeared teenage transgender. It is the beginning of the disappearance of his horrific events that flooding back in town soon. Annie
The series consists of several episodes telling about the most sensational sightings aliens in flying saucers, including the "Roswell case". Over ten episodes, each of which is a separate part of the whole picture, we show mankind the collision
Country, Channel: USA, France
Genres: Action, Thriller
Creator: Romeo Tirone, Lexi Alexander, Alex Graves

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