The ninth season of the popular American remake of the British series "Shameless." The story tells about the life of the Gallagher family. The head of the family Frank always drinks, forgetting about the duties of his father. That's why Fiona takes
Country, Channel: USA, Showtime
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Creator: John Wells, Paul Abbott, Bonanza Productions, John Wells Productions, Warner Bros. Television
British comedian Sasha Baron Cohen better known for his films "Borat" and "Dictator" reappeared on TV screens - now with the series Who is America? So far only two episodes have appeared, but it has already provoked resonance all over the world and
Country, Channel: USA, Showtime
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Sacha Baron Cohen
Ellison is a young waitress who is going through a difficult moment in her life. She lost her child, which caused her a severe psychological trauma, which it is very difficult to cope with. Because of this, her family life is falling apart. Noah is
The focus of the plot of the series "Billions" is the confrontation between two outstanding personalities. We are with you in New York, where we witness the clash between Chuck Rhodes, the local prosecutor with an iron character, and Bobby Axeldorf
Sergeant Nicholas Brody, a navy officer, had disappeared in Iraq many years ago. His leadership had already given up, considering Nicholas dead. But after a long time, at the time of the cleansing of the terrorist group, he was found by the
Country, Channel: USA, Showtime
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Creator: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon
The events of the tv drama take place in Chicago. Main charachters of the series "Chi" are residents of the poor southern areas of the city, with a complex criminogenic situation. African Americans living here are forced to risk their lives every
Country, Channel: USA
Genres: Showtime
Creator: Lena Waithe, Fox 21 Television Studios, Freedom Road Productions
The story will tell about difficult life of people in the city of Chicago. Every inhabitant of the city is burdened by the burden of their own problems and worries, the way out is sometimes not at all easy. One of the main characters is an ordinary
Country, Channel: USA, Showtime
Genres: Drama
Creator: Lena Waithe
The Gallaghers are a cheerful and friendly family. Because of their passion for entertainment, they often fall into different stories. The Gallagars have many children, but they do not want to think about looking for work. On the contrary, they are
Sometimes it is not easy to find your place in life when you are more than twenty years old, and you still have, in addition, there is a child. You need to take care of your baby, because he hopes for you! You need to find a job and, in the best
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Frankie Shaw
The focus of history is Floyd Muni. This man is a very talented comedian who believes that he has a great career, full of tours, fans and money. The main character receives an offer from one famous director to appear in the film with Jamie Foxx.
Country, Channel: USA, Showtime
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Tom Kapinos, Lionsgate Television, Showtime Entertainment
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