Claire just finished serving in a military hospital, where she helped fighters to rise to their feet after being wounded during the Second World War. However, a vacation with my husband and a long-awaited trip to the remote backwaters is turned over
Country, Channel: USA, Starz
Genres: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Creator: Ronald D. Moore
In the center of the plot is James Saint Patrick, nicknamed "Ghost", the owner of one of the most popular clubs in New York. His life is the best, because Patrick has everything you can dream about: a lot of money, a steep wheelbarrow, a huge
Father Osvald and mother Edith of the successful older daughter of Elena, the top model, could not save their family. And though not for the first year they live in divorce, they live without needing anything. Their good financial position is due to
Country, Channel: USA, Starz
Genres: Drama
Creator: Tanya Saracho
In the center of the series is a charismatic uncle named Ash, who long ago lost his hand during the battle with the Sinister Dead. It would seem that the sea had long since passed, but in some incredible way the monsters began to return, taking out
Country, Channel: USA, Starz
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Creator: Ivan Raimi, Sam Raimi, Tom Spezialy
Howard Silke has worked for several years as a small employee in a typical company. He did not strive for development and was satisfied with what he had. However, at one point his life changes radically. The thing is that the hero began to notice
Country, Channel: USA
Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Creator: Fireglory Pictures, Anonymous Content, Gilbert Films
Kristin is a talented student of the law faculty, who, after completing her studies, goes on probation in a prestigious company, where everything goes to the fact that she will finally be approved for work. She does her best not to spare her free
Country, Channel: USA, Starz
Genres: Drama
Creator: Lodge Kerrigan, Amy Seimetz
Claire passed the Second World War. A brave and strong woman helped the soldiers at the front, working in a medical station. Quiet life came as suddenly, as it was interrupted many years ago. A quiet trip with a loved one turns into an incredible
Country, Channel: USA, Starz
Genres: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Creator: Ronald D. Moore
Shadow Moon is a man with a difficult past, but all he wants now is to sit out the last days of his term in prison and return to his wife. The day before his release, he was told terrible news - his wife was killed in an accident. On the way home
This show is a direct continuation of the TV show of the White Queen, only the speech will be about the daughter of the heroine — Princess Elizabeth. She had to enter into marriage in the new king Henry VII Tudor, once and for all end the rampant
The island of New Providence is a kind of refuge for thieves, they keep this piece of land in the midst of maritime spaces under the strict control and markets are looted wealth. On this island, a lawless, alcohol flows like water, without ceasing,
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