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Representatives of the planet Crech captured satellites and turned them into their colonies, thus creating a new interplanetary community. The observance of the law on all planets is followed by a special organization, in the ranks of which serve
Country, Channel: USA, Syfy
Genres: Sci-Fi
Creator: Michelle Lovretta
A science fiction series, six of whose heroes wake up in a remote region of the universe aboard a spaceship, not understanding who they are and why they are here. The ship reveals a whole mountain of weapons, and the destination is a planet on which
Country, Channel: USA, Syfy
Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Creator: Natalie Rachel Cooper
The television series "Turn" is quite a new series, written according to the books of Alexander Rose. The film tells about some spies, as they will later be called "Spies of Washington". The creator of this group of spies was an ordinary farmer
Country, Channel: USA,Syfy
Genres: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Creator: James Roland
Channel Zero - this series was created in order to frighten the audience with very terrible stories. Each episode authors offer a new storyline that is full of mysteries and horrors! Mystical events, terrible unknown creatures and supernatural
Country, Channel: USA, Syfy
Genres: Drama, Horror
Creator: Nick Antosca
The series takes place in the post-apocalyptic future. Cole was convicted for his improper behavior and disrespectful attitude to the authorities. Surviving people hid underground, and scientists managed to create a technology that allows you to go
Country, Channel: USA, Syfy
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Creator: Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett
Once Quentin is in Brakebills University - a mysterious place where talented students to help develop their extraordinary magical abilities. At that moment, a gifted young man realized that clever card tricks, which he diligently trained with Julia,
Country, Channel: USA, Syfy
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Creator: Michael London
Mankind has successfully colonized the solar system. Mars, the Moon and Asteroid Belt is already populated, but the stars are still fraught with many dangers. Water Carrier "Canterbury", transporting ice from the rings of Saturn to stations in the
Incorporated tells the story of about Ben Larson. In the near future - in 2062 the corporation became the most influential forces in the world and the most striking example is the Chrysalis. Ben went to desperate measures, he took a different
Country, Channel: USA, Syfy
Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Creator: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor
Joshua and Karen Copeland, and their three children: Dana, Matt and Brianna were in the midst of the apocalypse. Joshua - a talented professor of one of the top universities in the world, where he gained enough knowledge that can help him in this
Country, Channel: Canada, Syfy
Genres: Sci-Fi
Creator: Glenn Davis, William Laurin
The plot of the series takes place in the United States after three years after the virus destroyed a small amount of the population. The main characters are heterogeneous people, to whom the mission is to move from New York to California man who
Country, Channel: USA, Syfy
Genres: Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Creator: Craig Engler, Karl Schaefer

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