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Arrangement - expected from the television show E! a young actress Megan Morrison, which is tapped for the role in the movie with Kyle news. Mentor Kyle Terrance Anderson has an organization called "Institute of Higher Mind." Listening to the
Country, Channel: USA, E!
Genres: Thriller
Creator: Jonathan Abrahams
Los Angeles operates a special unit - NCIS, the main task, which is the disposal of dangerous criminals. The main characters of G Cullen and Quincy Bly, agents who are forced to risk their lives in order to save the country. They are experts in
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Creator: Shane Brennan
Grace is a policeman working under cover. The son of Grace was killed in an absurd accident during a shootout. Grace can not forgive herself. After all, she blames herself for the death of her son. The only thing that warms her soul is the thirst
Country, Channel: USA, Canada, DirecTV
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Creator: Matthew Parkhill
Alice Martin private investigator in your own company, which is engaged in the protection of the rights and property of rich people. Their task: to find scams and ideally before they cleaned the client. But ideas attractive and successful women are
Country, Channel: USA, ABC
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Creator: Kate Atkinson, Helen Gregory, Allan Heinberg
Liz and Red are on the run. They hide in the bar waiting for help from Red’s friend. Becoming the head of the team, Ressler finds them and questions Cooper about the last conversation with Liz. He wants to find and kill them, but Red manages to
Country, Channel: USA, NBC
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Creator: Jon Bokenkamp
The plot revolves around a middle-aged woman named Olivia Pope, who in the past worked as a specialist in public relations under President George Bush senior. Having a great experience solving problems at the highest political and social levels, the
Country, Channel: USA, ABC
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Creator: Shonda Rhimes
Tom Kirkman - a civil servant, who is one of the lowest positions in the government, which is responsible for supervision of Housing and Urban Development. Suddenly he becomes US president, after the monstrous attack on Washington takes the lives of
Mankind has successfully colonized the solar system. Mars, the Moon and Asteroid Belt is already populated, but the stars are still fraught with many dangers. Water Carrier "Canterbury", transporting ice from the rings of Saturn to stations in the
The history of the relationship between the two losers. Hap Collins is a simple kid from the family of white Americans. True, he prefers not to talk about youth. There were dark spots there, like imprisonment due to refusal to go to Vietnam. Leonard

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